Mar 1, 2014

Eco Friendly Colors for Holi ( Natural Colors) - JK Arts

 Eco Friendly Colors for Holi ( Natural Colors) - JK Arts

Holi (होली) is a spring festival also known as festival of colors.  It is an ancient Hindu religious festival. Everyone plays, chases and colors each other with dry powder and colored water, with some carrying water guns and colored water-filled balloons for their water fight. The joyous festival of Holi is meant to celebrate the arrival of Spring while the colors used in Holi are to reflect of the various hues of spring season. The aim of this video is to encourage people to celebrate an eco friendly Holi. It is possible to make simple natural colors in one's own kitchen. Here are some very simple recipes to make natural colors.

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JK Arts Team : Jharna Juriani, Khushboo Juriani, Pooja Juriani
JK Arts, Ulhasnagar, Mumbai, India

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