Oct 5, 2014

Rangoli Making Tools and Material - JK Arts

Play Video for Rangoli Tools and How to use

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 Rangoli making Materials and Tools:

Powder Color Rangoli

Small Box of color filler

Rangoli Plate

Rangoli Glitter

Rangoli Rollers

Rangoli Net / Stencil

Rangoli Pen

Dot Rangoli with Rangoli Pen

Om Laxmi Paduke Flower with Rangoli Plate

Rangoli Border with Rangoli Pen with 4 Holes

Rangoli Border with Rangoli Rollers

Om and Laxmi Paduka Rangoli Stamps

Rangoli Design with Tea stencil Earbud and Supari

Rangoli, also known as kolam or muggu is a folk art from India. Typically consisting of bright colors, rangoli is a decorative design made in living rooms and courtyard floors during Hindu festivals . They are meant to be sacred welcoming areas for the Hindu deities.  Similar practices are followed in different Indian states: in Tamil Nadu, there is Kolam in Tamil Nadu; Mandana in Rajasthan; Chowkpurna in Northern India; Alpana in West Bengal; Aripana in Bihar; Chowk pujan in Uttar Pradesh; Muggu in Andhra Pradesh and others.

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